I love puppies. They are so cute. My ideal puppy situation would be a safari-zone like park where I could go for walks and encounter wild puppies and play with them. Maybe I would even own my own puppy zoo. After a long days work of writing best-selling award-winning novels about superpowered puppies, or possibly of observing telescope scans of the early universe in search of signs of primordial puppy formation during big-bang puppy-synthesis, I would come home to my mansion and I could call for Carson (that is my butler’s name) to bring me a bushel of huskies, a couple poodles, and a jolly beagle and he would hand deliver them to me, and we would post all of our adorable pictures on tumblr.

You know that feeling? When you’re marathoning a TV show with your friends and an episode ends and you are totally ready to play the next one but aren’t sure if everyone else wants to keep watching so instead you all sit there for a bit, commenting on what a great episode that was until someone asks “So… next episode?” and everyone else says “Yes!”

Barney Stinson’s favorite Bond

Barney Stinson’s favorite Bond

A mathematician, a physicist, and an English teacher are reading your assignment and they come upon an instance of “QED”

The mathematician remarks that you must have meant “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” which is conventionally placed at the end of a mathematical proof.

The physicist remarks that you must be referring to “Quantum Electrodynamics” which is the theory of elementary particles in the context of special relativity.

The English teacher wonders WHY THE FUCK you are using an acronym when the meaning is not clear to a mathematician or a physicist.

Moral of the story: English teachers are mean and should never read anything you write.

Barney Stinson’s favorite vegetable

Barney Stinson’s favorite element

Barney Stinson’s favorite element

Barney Stinson’s favorite pokemon


What does the mathematical function “ln” look like?


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