Barney Stinson’s favorite Bond

Barney Stinson’s favorite Bond

A mathematician, a physicist, and an English teacher are reading your assignment and they come upon an instance of “QED”

The mathematician remarks that you must have meant “Quod Erat Demonstrandum” which is conventionally placed at the end of a mathematical proof.

The physicist remarks that you must be referring to “Quantum Electrodynamics” which is the theory of elementary particles in the context of special relativity.

The English teacher wonders WHY THE FUCK you are using an acronym when the meaning is not clear to a mathematician or a physicist.

Moral of the story: English teachers are mean and should never read anything you write.

Barney Stinson’s favorite vegetable

Barney Stinson’s favorite element

Barney Stinson’s favorite element

Barney Stinson’s favorite pokemon


What does the mathematical function “ln” look like?


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Really, this is high octane reading? Did you decide paper was not flammable enough?

This film is a high octane thriller? Can I stick it in the gas tank of my car and drive really fast?

No, you can’t call your TV show high octane unless Walter White says it is.

I don’t know, maybe all action movie reviewers just really love chemistry.